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LIVING with Parkinson's: Boise Conference

Saturday Sep 20, 2014
St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center 1055 N Curtis Road Boise, ID 83706

Northwest Parkinson's Foundation and Parkinson's Resources of Oregon present LIVING with Parkinson's: Treatment Opitions & Strategies for People with Parkinson's and their Family Members

LIVING With Parkinsons

Keynote: Dr. Monique Giroux, Movement Disorder Specialist and Parkinson's Disease thought leader, Medical Director of Northwest Parkinson's Foundation

Plus! Presentations from...

Dr. Barbara Morgan of Elks Rehab Hospital Movement Disorders Center,

Dr. Laurie Mischley of Seattle Integrative Medicid & Bastyr University, and

Renee Hawkins, PT, MSPT, NCS of the Elks Rehabilitation Hopsital.

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A Walk in the Park: Team Parkinson's

Magnuson Park Fins2

Saturday, July 26, 2014
Festivities begin at 9:30am
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Fun, family oriented, and dog friendly walk featuring:

  • Pleasant two-mile course, fundraising prizes & incentives!
  • Bouncy slide & FUN galore!
  • Musical performances, including NWPF's own choir: The Tremolos in their debut performance
  • Easy FREE parking

Also offering a short loop for anyone with mobility challenges.

Walk the Walk and make every step count! Every step taken by someone with Parkinson’s shows determination to live well with Parkinson’s. Every step taken by friends, families, neighbors and colleagues supports those impacted by Parkinson’s. Our goal is to promote community awareness about Parkinson’s and raise funds to support the programs and services provided by Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation. Walk the Walk that connects communities and enhances lives. Walk Team Parkinson’s Walk in the Park!

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Take a Hint from PD

Tuesday June 24, 2014

It’s March, 2000. I’m lost in the Spandex of the Tour of Anchorage pre-race crowd. I gawk at all the super-fit athletes around me and try to reassure myself I’m prepared to cross-country ski 50 kilometers through the middle of town. As our pod of racers starts, I notice that they seem to be pulling ahead of me. It’s as if an invisible force is gently but inexorably drawing them forward. Or is it holding me back? Later as I chug up to an aide station, a woman watches with concern, and asks if I’m alright. No problem. I’m fine. Why would she even wonder?

I struggled on to finish hours later, blissfully unaware that in a little more than a year I will be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

One of the hallmarks of Parkinson’s disease is slowness. Not just the slowness of the patient, but also the snail-like progression of the disease in most people. Of course, that is a good thing. With a disorder’s description includes progressive, disabling, and incurable, you don’t want to see words like rapid, swift,or sudden.

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