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Sleeping & Other Non-Motor Challenges Associated with Parkinson's Disease - Dr. Jennifer L. Witt
Medications for Parkinson's: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly 
- Dr. Lissa Brod
Current Concepts in Physical Therapy for People with PD 
- Tim Pazier, MPT


Parkinson's Research Update - Dr. Cyrus Zebatian
Dance for Parkinson's Disease: The Benefits of Dancing with Parkinson's
Prevengint Burnout
: Strategies for Patients, Caregivers and Families - Dr. Kristoffer Rhoads
New Treatment in the Pipeline for Parkinson's Patients
 - Dr. Mike Kim


Is Exercise Medicine for Parkinson's - Dr. Jay Alberts
Wellness Choices for the Brain
- Dr. Monique Giroux
Homemade Hope: How to Thrive Today with Parkinson's Disease
- Peter Dunlap-Shohl
Music is Exercise for the Parkinson's Brain 
- Dr. Matt Ford, PhD, PT


Update on Parkinson's Disease Research - Dr. William Langston
Beyond Perscriptions and Surgery: What Role does Alternative Medicine Play - Dr. Laura Mischley
Second Chances 
- Dr. Robert Wu
Chicken Soup and the Role of Medications
 - Dr. Stephen Setter
Sleep Disorders in Parkinson's Disease
 - Dr. Susie Ro


"Still Life: The Pursuit of Parkinsons:" the Journey - Dave Iverson
The NEXT Revolution in Parkionson's Therapy - Dr. Laura Mischley
Big & Loud: Integrated Speech Therapy & Parkinson's - Dr. Becky Farley & Dr. Cynthia Fox
Playing to keep Your Brain Working: Art, Recreation and Technology
 - Jeff Shaw, Psy.D.
Community: Reaching Out & Making Connections
 - Julie Sacks, MSW, LCSW

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Panel: Making Your Medicines Work for You - Dr. Pinky Agarwal, Dr. Laura Mischley and Leo Norfleet, PT, BCAT
Relationships & PD
 - Jennifer Van Wey, Psy.D.
Dopamine Replacement Therapies (Keynote Address) - Dr. Anthony Santiago
Dance for Parkinson's Disease
(Demonstration) - Dr. Lynda LeBlanc
What's So Funny about Parkinson's - Peter Dunlap-Shohl


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