Lunchtime Laboratory


Lunchtime Laboratory is a monthly webinar that connects the PD Community to experts. Each month will feature a different topic, presented by leading thinkers in the PD Community.

Webinars will occur on the first Tuesday of each month and feature a topic of interest to the Parkinson's Community. There will be time at the end of the each presentation for audience questions and participation.

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Northwest Parkinson's Foundation & Parkinson's Resources of Oregon

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Unlocking the Mysteries of Medication Management in PD
The world of Parkinson’s disease medications can be complex to navigate, but it doesn’t need to be a mystery! In this webinar, Lisa Mann, RN, BSN, MA, will shed light the pitfalls and barriers to tapping in to the best possible management of symptoms. Learn critical information and practical strategies that you can use while working with your doctor to achieve your best possible benefit and quality of life. This program will include information about timing, identifying intended therapeutic effect and side effects for common anti-Parkinson medications, and what you can do to be proactive in managing your medications and treatment plan. Read More

What to Consider when Getting DBS
Have you been thinking about getting Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery? In this interactive, hour-long presentation, Dr. Farrokh Farrokhi will speak about the important things to consider when you’re making a decision about DBS. What can DBS really do for you? What questions should you ask your healthcare team? What are your expectations from the surgery? Dr. Farrokhi will address all this and more when you tune into What to Consider When Getting DBS. Read More

PD 101
Have you been diagnosed with Parkinson’s within the last three years? Did a friend recently tell you that she has Parkinson’s? If you answered yes to either of these questions, PD 101 might be right for you! Join Anna Sanger Reed of Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon and Melissa Tribelhorn of NWPF as they cover Parkinson’s basics - what Parkinson’s is and common treatment options and strategies to manage symptoms. Read More